Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Salary Cap 101 Webinar on 05.30.09

On Saturday, May 30th, from 10am - 12 noon, I'll be conducting a live Salary Cap 101 webinar via GoToMeeting.com. The seminar will be completely interactive and will provide for Voice-Over-IP (VOIP), which will allow the registrants to not only hear my voice as I take you through the salary cap powerpoint presentation, but also communicate with me via audio to ask questions. Topics that will be discussed include: the components of a player contract, how contracts are accounted for within the parameters of the salary cap, and how clubs & agents measure the value of a contract. It should definitely be an interesting and informative presentation via the marvel that is the internet. For more information and to register for the webinar, visit: www.SalaryCap101.com

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