Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Folks Making Favre-like Money, Despite Not being Favre

First foremost, let me tell yall that I hate all of the attention paid to Brett Favre and his retirement. I hated it last season. I hated the speculation of his retirement in previous seasons. The guy is clearly a selfish grandstander. Why else would you have the emotional retirement press conference last year (tears and all), only to ultimately decide to return after all of your former teammates have completed off-season workouts, and then trying to return with a sense of entitlement to your starting position that you decided to articulate through the media while trying to alienate GB management. So thank you Mr. Favre for a prolific career, but your grandstanding & ego will not be missed. And that's how i feel about that.....

Anyway, the point of this post was to highlight the enormous bust that Drayton Florence and Jerry Porter were for JAX this past season. Both players were released by JAX today after spending 1 season as Jaguars.

Jerry Porter, whose $10M guaranteed contract from JAX wasn't as shocking as Javon Walker's $16M guaranteed contract by OAK but was almost as surprising given his history of being a malcontent and injured, was released after spending 1 season in JAX in which he caught (count'em) 11 PASSES in 10 games!!! That almost $1M per catch.

Then there's Drayton Florence. Drayton Florence was a CB who had lost his starting position in SD and ended the 2007 season as SD's nickel corner. So what does JAX do? They sign him as a UFA to a contract that guaranteed him $13M. Other CBs whose contracts had less than $13M guaranteed include: Charles Woodson ($10.5M), Nnamdi Asomugha ($9.7M), & Pro Bowler Cortland Finnegan ($8M). So for $13M, what did JAX get? 15 games played with 8 games started and ZERO INTERCEPTIONS and a team leading 5 TDs given up. So Florence gets released today after making $13M for one year's worth of horrible service (not a bad hustle for that kid), which coincidentally ($13M) was how much Brett Favre was suppose to make in 2009 (speaking of hustlers).

Lesson learned here is, just because you feel you're on the cusp of a Super Bowl appearance, just as JAX thought going into 2008, doesn't mean you need to go head-over-heels in free agency for those pieces that are perceived by management to put you over the hump. Because what typically happens is that those pieces end up not fitting. Wait a minute, that's the same thing the Jets did in acquiring you know who, and we all saw how that played out.

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